A Sample Range of Our Services

Initial Cost Advice & Feasibility Studies

To ensure that any given project is viable, we will review and give guidance on outline costs against time, quality and aesthetics to reach an acceptable agreed budget. This is done by close liaison with members of the design team and client, in order to maximize the potential of any project.

Budget Estimating and Cost Planning

Providing detailed cost estimates at an early stage, CuddyQS will establish initial budget costs.This enables us to identify where specific costs arise. This detailed cost estimate will provide a cost model framework on the project. This attention to detail ensures that we provide the best possible service to our Client from the outset.
Once an initial overall budget is agreed, we undertake to continuously review and control the budget as the design progresses. Cost control procedures have been established which are firm enough to be effective and flexible enough to adapt to the individuality of the project.

Procurement, Tendering and Contract Procedure

Private Contracts: Cuddy QS have considerable experience in advising of the appropriate procurement routes or contract to be implemented on projects. Considerations like time; cost certainty; buildable quality; specialist input; operational requirements; and financing are just some areas that influence any decision in this process. Regardless of the procurement route chosen,cost control is maintained throughout the course of the project, giving our Client the flexibility to choose a method most suited to their requirements. Methods include the traditional method of tendering; two-stage tendering;negotiated contracts; management contracts;design and build contracts; GMPS etc.
GCCC Contracts: Cuddy QS has considerable experience in working under the GCCC Contracts, from PWCF-1 to PWCF-5 (Short Form). We have worked on social housing schemes, through commercial fit-out and upgrades up to large public works including a 56,000ft2 LEED Gold Office Project and a large industrial project for GE of 59,200ft2 of production & office space in 2015/16, all under public procurement rules.

Post Contract Administration

CuddyQS ensure that cost control measures carried out during the pre-contract phase are continued in a smooth manner throughout post contract duties. Project Surveyors are assigned on a project basis from project inception to post-contract completion. During the works, we are
determined to ensure that the project is completed on budget. Central to this aim is the control of cost variations. We drive all parties on cost certainty and manage proposals of alternative designs or specifications to offset the additional costs.We also manage Interim payment recommendations, monthly cost reports, and cash flow projections. Agreement of final accounts and all post contract duties in which we deliver clear, accurate and host cost advice to our clients.
We ensure that our new Clients are fully informed and kept up to speed on all matters of cost control and management.


We offer a reinstatement valuation service based on a review of the project specific details and an assessment of the rebuilding costs based on current market rates. We also offer a construction cost valuation service, both to private individuals or commercial clients and to insurance intermediaries to assess the actual reinstatement costs after damage has occurred.

Legal Disputes/ Expert Witness

CuddyQS’s in-depth understanding of construction costs, construction contracts, and the construction process ensures that we have the requisite knowledge and experience to advise on a wide range of legal issues. We have acted both as expert witness for our Clients in legal cases and we have also been engaged by Clients to provide advice to avoid the legal route where possible. We have also been appointed as mediators to disputes.